1. You are the best person to teach your child about personal safety. You are on authority to your child more than anyone else hence, we often hear our children quote us by using the phrase, “my daddy said, my mummy said”. Always discuss the safety of your child with him or her.

2. There is no substitute for your attention and supervision. So many of us are too busy and married to our jobs and businesses that we have completely left the supervision of our children in the hands of nannies and caregivers. No house-help will love your child more than you. Give your child the attention and supervision he/she needs. Some parents will always say, “I don’t know where you got this from”. This is because you were not paying attention. No one says that you should abandon your work or business but when you have the time, do what is expected of you.


3. Encourage open communication with your child. Give your child a listening ear. Encourage him or her to tell you everything. Do not be quick at drawing conclusions or being judgmental. If you are to critical of your child, you push your child away. Don’t just listen, but listen attentively.

4. Ensure that you are always notified of their whereabouts. Set a rule that you must be notified of wherever they want to go and their mission to that place. Let them know that your approval is needed always for them to go out.

5. Ensure that your child gets permission from you to be involve in any activity both indoor and outdoor. What your child does should be of great concern to you. Who he’s doing with should also matter to you. Don’t let your child form the habit of engaging in any activity even as simple as watching television without your approval. This will help you keep track of their activities.

6. Set basic rules at home. There has to be a kind of code of conduct for your child. Everything must be done as approved by you. There should be no deviation from the norms in your home. Light punishment should be encouraged to register your disapproval of any wrong conduct.

Our children are our pride. Let’s not leave their safety and security in the hands of others. If you fail to give your child the right direction, society will show him where to go.

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