“He who marries a beautiful wife and he who plants corn by the roadside all have the same problem; insecurity”. African proverb.

Women are precious gems and indispensable in the live of every man. But these do without part of us are always at the receiving end of violence perpetuated by the men folks. The society especially through instruments of coercion like the police has not done enough to protect our women. So, the following tips are to help equip the women with basic knowledge that will keep them safe from criminal attacks.

  1. Know your environment and don’t always assume that you are safe: Complacency is the bane to falling victim of criminal attack. Be very much concern about your environment and expect the unexpected. Being security conscious does not translate to living in fear of attack, but taking control of your destiny and having a plan of action against any unwholesome act. Some women especially in the company of men do not worry about their own security. This is not good for their security. The man need to be save to be able to save the woman hence, the woman should always plan for her own security in case the man fail to safe her, she will know what to do.
  2. Have your handset in your hand and not in your handbag or purse: Most women are of the habit of putting their handsets in their bags rather than have it in their hands. This leads to lots of missed calls and some of the calls could be live saving. Most handbags of ladies have lots of compartments and when a woman is searching for her phone, she loses touch of her environment and could easily be a victim of crime. The time spent searching for the ringing phone allows a potential criminal to close in on the woman. So, women are advised to always carry their handsets in their hands and not in their bags or purses.
  3. Avoid chatting on phone while walking: One of the most unsafe acts committed by women that expose them to criminal attacks is chatting on phone while walking. Chat requires attention and concentration. Someone chatting while walking will surely be oblivious of her environment and situational awareness is key to safety. Know what is happening around you at all times and remain focus. Telephone chats will not allow you to concentrate and thereby, exposing yourself to imminent danger of being attacked by a criminal. Also, it is not advisable to sit in your car and chat. If you need to chat, sit in a comfortable and safe place to do your chat. If time is running against you, let the other partner know that you are either walking or driving and that you will resume the chat when you get to a safe place, home or office. When it comes to your personal security, what others think about you is not important but your security is. Do not try to please anyone and get yourself into trouble.
  4. Carry your car key in your hand and not your handbag:One other habits of women which is detrimental to their security has to do with having their car keys in their bags rather than their hands. It is very important that a woman plans her movement from wherever that she is coming from. Your car key in your hand puts you in control. It enables you to quickly unlock your car doors and gain entrance as soon as you want. But where your car key is in your bag, a considerable amount of time is spent and lost searching for the key. Some women even go to the extent of emptying the whole content of their bags on the car bonnet in search of their car keys. Just like the dangers of having your handset in your bag rather than your hand discussed above, the same applies here. Your control of your environment is lost and anything can happen to you.
  1. Don’t carry with you what you cannot afford to lose. Carry only what you need: One social characteristics that is common with women has to do with ‘showing off’. Women love to be noticed and they try as much as they can to impress others around them. There is nothing wrong with showing off with what you have but the question is, “are you ready to lose that thing”? So, whatever that you know you cannot afford to lose, don’t carry it with you. No need for excess luggage, carry only what you need. My advice to women especially those attending social functions is, your gold, diamond, gems should be put on at the event place especially if you are going there in a public transport, bus or cab. As soon as the event is over, remove them, lock them up in your bag and hold your bag firmly and return home. Don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Make yourself an unattractive target for criminal attacks.
  2. Dress appropriately – don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself: There is a saying that “the way you dress determines the way that you are addressed”. One who dresses like a prostitute would be addressed as one. Dressing to show off your “assets” will attract unnecessary and unwelcome attention to you. Those aroused by your assets will come after you uninvited. Provocative dressing attracts the wrong people to you. Rape is not far from a woman who exposing “vital assets” which ought to be protected under the clothes. From crime reports of investigations about rape, it was established that a good percentage of the women raped, dressed provocatively, exposing their nudity, thereby attracting rapists to themselves.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to walk freely: Often times, women find themselves in crossfire of violence and escape becomes the only option. The danger there is, if what you are wearing isn’t comfortable enough to allow for freedom of movement, I am sorry, you may fall victim because you will not be able to run from the danger facing you. Wear clothes that will make you walk smart and full of confidence. Do not wear a gown that makes you appear like a sack bag race runner who needs to pull the sack bag to run just because your gown is too big. Also, you need not wear very tight dress or high heel shoes that will make you count each of your steps because you cannot move fast. Wear something comfortable that will enable you respond quickly to any eventuality. You may not have the time to pull off your high heel shoes or rent your big gown or tight skate in other to run. So, why not dress in such a comfortable way that even Usain Bolt will jealous your speed.

The safety of our women is very important to our society. Women have been victims of so many violent crimes and we need to protect them. The very best way to give them protection is by informing and educating them about their safety and security. We have them as our mothers, sisters, aunties, nieces, cousins, colleagues and neighbours. If our women are save, the society is save as well.

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