About us

Pracsecurity.com is a combination of two words which are practical and security. It is a social platform for sharing of information and knowledge on any security issue especially, crime related.

Pracsecurity.com helps users to answer the so many WHY questions as pertaining to the security challenges we face as a society today. Users are given ownership by way of posting and reporting latest security incidents or happenings in their neighbourhoods as witnessed or experienced by them and also, given the opportunity to make their contributions towards any topic under discussion.

This is an interactive platform where everyone’s opinion counts, irrespective of race, nationality, class, status or position. No matter how elementary the opinion, comment or view may look or sound, it is welcome because history has shown that some of the major answers to major challenges in the world have been provided by the so-called ‘laymen’.

Pracsecurity.com creates the necessary security awareness and provides the needed necessary knowledge through shared views, opinions, comments, articles and experts’ opinions on contemporary security challenges. It also serves as a breaking news platform for all security news in and around us.

Frank Baum, The Lost Princess of Oz, said “No thief however skillful can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire”. Pracsecurity.com underscores exactly the importance of this assertion by what it is set to do by sharing the right security knowledge which serves as ammunitions for the users against all forms of security challenges, threats and attacks.

About The Author

This platform is powered by Bonny Obi Ojie, a seasoned security professional with over 22years of cognate experience and a man with passion for security and safety of others. In appreciation and acknowledgement of this, he was awarded United Nations Medal for Service to Humanity under the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) in 2007. Bonny Obi Ojie is a graduate of Public Administration and also, holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies. More so, he holds numerous security and safety professional certifications from reputable certifying bodies within and outside of the country.


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